Sonja Wambsgans

As a lecturer, author and publisher, I specialize in the topics of media competence, digitalization, organizational development and positive psychology. My focus is on knowledge transfer through gamification and interactivity.

I studied media education, social psychology and theology at the RUB and graduated as Magistra Artium.

At the KSB of the University of Landau, I have conducted or designed several key competency courses since 2018.

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For me, media andragogy means

... accompanying the digital revolution with meaningful concepts

... identify exciting possibilities that make teaching more playful and exciting

... discovering new potentials in companies through the intelligent use of technological possibilities

... encourage critical, responsible media use

... act as a translator between professionals, educators, developers and system administrators

Online learning platforms

Flexible learning offers since 2005

Already during my academic studies I came into contact with the concepts of the first online learning systems. From the very first moment, the incredible potential of digital teaching fascinated me.

For over 15 years now, I have been accompanying the conception, didactic preparation as well as the technical implementation of new projects based on learning platforms such as Moodle, BigBlueBlutton and Greenlight.

  • 2005: PC seminars and Internet security training with own online platform in own seminar center in PVA-Medienhaus in Landau.
  • 2005: Didactic planning, organization and implementation of a chat mentor training for the pedagogical support of young chatters in cooperation with the Kinderschutzbund Landau, funded by “Aktion Mensch”.
  • 2011: Provision and didactic elaboration of the online assessment center for Createc Solution GmbH, continuous development until today.
  • 2019: Founding of a youth book publishing company with the focus on establishing interactive online offers for playful knowledge transfer through edutainment and gamification.
  • 2020: Establishment of an online service for conducting video conferences and online seminars for the diocese of Speyer in compliance with data protection regulations; expansion into an online learning platform for full-time and volunteer employees.
  • 2021: Conversion of the key competency course at the KSB of the University of Koblenz-Landau, which was previously designed for classroom teaching, as an interactive online offering.

Gamification: Learning is easier when you play

One of the best presents I received as a child was a book from my aunt with detective stories where you could puzzle along.

Challenges to logical thinking, the understanding of scientific contexts, historical events or geographical features are best mastered when they are packaged playfully. Learning happens incidentally, so to speak, and is biochemically supported by the sense of achievement during play (dopamine boost). This works just as well for children and young people as it does in adult education.

Because of the multitude of different online projects, I now have an extensive toolset at my disposal that exploits all possibilities in terms of gamification and edutainment. My current publishing projects also involve the animation of 3D characters and environments as well as playful elements, such as collecting items while completing tasks to unlock bonus levels.