I was born in 1978 in the Ruhr region, a contiguous area of several large cities, at that time characterized by the automotive industry and large universities. I only know the dusty gray of the coal age from old stories; rather, I spent my childhood in spacious parks and in my grandfather’s allotment garden.

Together with a foster sister and a cat, I grew up with my parents. Already in kindergarten I discovered some passions that accompany me until today and shape my professional life: Creativity (while the others played in the sandbox I had a painting table in the sun), organization (the spider there on the wall can easily be carried outside with a glass), entrepreneurial spirit (much to the displeasure of the boys, the construction carpet turned into a cowgirl carriage), technical understanding (we were not allowed to bring toy guns, so I built some as cowgirls we had to defend ourselves appropriately ...).

After this wonderful time I went to a catholic elementary school, later to a state high school, which I finished in 1997 with Abitur.

Since I didn’t have a concrete career idea yet, I started studying social sciences at the Ruhr University in Bochum with the subjects Media Education / Educational Psychology, Adult Education / Adult Education, minor subjects: Catholic Theology, Social Sciences. It turned out to be very fortunate that the chair of Educational Psychology was filled shortly after I started my studies, which added a new research focus: Media Education. Prof. Dr. Kerres already focused his research on interactive learning environments at this early time of the Internet, a topic for which I immediately caught fire.

The opportunity arose for a study-accompanying research project on behalf of Futurekids Germany: Video documentation of didactic teaching approaches for the further education of teachers in media competence in the classroom.

Building on this, my empirical master’s thesis became: Conception of further training for teachers on “basic information technology education” and “media competence”.

Besides the content of my studies, I learned how to program and design websites. During my studies, I realized I wanted to work in this field as an entrepreneur.

After graduating as Magistra Artium, I started my business. At first I worked as a freelance web designer for companies and organizations in Landau. My son was two years old ideal for me to build up a company on the side, gradually. After his schooling, I built up my seminar center in the PVA-Medienhaus in Landau to give PC seminars and Internet security training with my own online platform.

Since these beginnings I have developed many larger and smaller projects:

  • Since March 2003 I have been working as a freelance media andragogue with the focus on: Design and web development, organizational development and consulting, project management event management, online learning platforms.

Professional activity

  • 2013 – 2016: Management of the executive office of AKU Landau e. V.; transformation of the association from purely voluntary management to a corporate structure managed by employees.
  • 2019: Founding of the company Mango Medien Verlag UG as a limited liability publishing house, with a focus on books and interactive online courses for imparting knowledge through edutainment and gamification for young people.
  • 2020: Provision of online learning platforms for schools, organizations and seminar leaders e.g. Kinderschutzbund Landau online family counseling, Gymnasium Edenkoben, Pfalzkolleg Speyer, Diocese of Speyer, technical and didactic project support.
  • 2021: Technical and structural development of an online learning platform for full-time and voluntary employees of the diocese of Speyer.


  • 2005 – 2006: Didactic planning, organization and implementation of a chat mentor training for the pedagogical support of young chatters in the seminar center at the PVA-Medienhaus in Landau, in cooperation with the Kinderschutzbund Landau, sponsored by “Aktion Mensch”.
  • 2005 – 2007: Lectures for parents at schools, at the Child Protection Association in Landau, training for child minders in Neustadt about media competence and Internet safety.
  • Seit 2006: Provision and didactic development of the online assessment center for Createc Solution GmbH.
  • 2008 – 2011: “Begegnungscafé International” at the multi-generation house in Landau, PC courses and job application training for women with a migration background.
  • Since 2018: Lecturer at the KSB of the University of Koblenz-Landau in key competence courses.